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Why do we care about the stuff we buy?

This category takes into account the emissions associated with all of the food, goods, and services and out-of-county travel for which County residents are responsible. We have tended to ignore our consumption-based emissions. It is impossible to get to zero emissions unless we acknowledge them.

Climate action plans track greenhouse gas emissions using an "activity-based" accounting method which only counts emissions that are released within the geographic boundary of a jurisdiction (such as Sonoma County) and neglects emissions released elsewhere that were required to produce or transport the goods and services consumed by County residents.

For example, the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a new hot tub, refrigerator, or travel trailer sold in Sonoma County are neglected.

"Consumption-based" emissions are in contrast to "activity-based" emissions. A "consumption-based" inventory for Sonoma County includes the emissions associated with all of the food, goods, and services and out-of-county travel for which County residents are responsible. Consumption-based accounting shows that countywide emissions are over twice are large as activity-based inventories suggest.

A thriving local economy that provides for the majority of peoples’ needs and provides dignified, good paying jobs to all who wish to work. Local purchases stimulate new local businesses of all sorts and varieties.


A culture that encourages living simply and discourages unnecessary consumption -- where people are content with enough.


Local purchases that dominate over Amazon or other out-of-community internet purchases. Locally spent dollars recirculate to support the community. The local economy is stimulated and strengthened by a local internet marketplace that allows internet shopping to continue while sending local dollars to local businesses.


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Posted by Mereoni Lutuciri(Santa Rosa)

I believe the sustainable way forward is local sourcing. This is awesome in as far as our purchases go. Having to source local foods and products as well as services as this relate a lot more to carbon footprint ???? and emissions.

The more we source locally the better for us ecologically and economically.

My vision is to educate the local community on the importance of local sourcing and why.

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