About this project...

We urgently need to solve climate change by reducing carbon emissions. But how will we do our part on the local level? What is our vision for a carbon-free Sonoma County in 2030? What policy innovations will get us there?

Imagine Sonoma County is a space to envision the changes and push forward policy proposals that will contribute to solving the climate crisis by eliminating Sonoma County's carbon emissions by 2030.

Our intentions are several: first, we want to encourage the creative juices to flow, both our own and those of our fellow climate activists, elected leaders, and other community members working toward a more equitable, joyful and resilient zero-carbon future for Sonoma County.

We will also share our out-of-the-box vision of a future Sonoma County and our policy proposals with City Councils, Planning Commissions, General Plan update staff, County Supervisors, and others. We hope to integrate their responses and feedback into an emerging vision of the future, as well as influence the course of their decisions.

This is meant to be a living website, not a static document. We hope you will participate and view it as a community space where ideas can be tested, reviewed and incubated.

You may view our working list of values here.

If you would like to start an "Imagine" project for your town/county/state, please contact us!

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

-- Albert Einstein