Your voice will make this effort stronger...

Educate. Advocate. Organize. Mobilize.

In years past, climate talks usually ended with a list of "Things YOU CAN DO to stop climate change," or something to that effect. The lists were almost exclusively personal actions -- like taking shorter showers, driving less, eating less meat, composting, and the like.

Personal actions are necessary but insufficient.

We are also called to take action in our neighborhoods, our schools, our workplaces, our faith groups, and our clubs and organizations. We are called to advocate for bold climate action at all levels of governments, but especially in our City Councils, our County Board of Supervisors, and at State and National levels.

1) Learn!   It all starts with education. Read Climate 101 and check out some of the Resources listed.

2) Guide the Vision.   Help us craft a carbon-free vision for 2030! Look through the vision pages and help us bubble up the most popular ideas by using the thumbs-up and comment features to give specific suggestions on the vision. Notice specific deadlines for visioning sessions.

3) Create Art.   Are you an artist? (The answer is yes, of course! We all are!) Send us your renditions of 2030 so we can add them to our collection of "sketches", whether it's an improved version of the street you live on, or one of the farms that will grow our food, or the public transit of the future, or an inspiring song or poem you wrote. Help us bring the vision to life!

4) Create Policy.   If you have been thinking about climate solutions, tell us your policy/action ideas.

5) Urge Leaders.   Send policy ideas you like to your local elected representatives--and share on social media! Find email & phone contacts here! (City council, County Supervisor, etc.)

6) Talk it up!   If it doesn't come up in conversation, it's as if it doesn't exist. Dare to talk about the climate crisis with your friends and see what happens! You are not alone!

7) Get Involved!   Involved yourself in one or more of the local organizations whose mission includes addressing the climate crisis.

8) Be one of the 3.5%   Dr. Erica Chenoweth's research shows that in order to unseat dictators, change regimes, and topple governments you don't need an army or an insurrection. Instead, you need a minimum of 3.5% of the population actively engaged in the movement, protesting (nonviolently!) in the streets. In the U.S., 3.5% of the population is under 12 million people. Be one of those 12 million people!

Educate. Advocate. Organize. Mobilize.