About our team

This project came into being through the chance collaboration between Emmett Hopkins, a farmer, and Pete Gang, an architect, starting in September 2020. Our early conversations launched from the observation that Sonoma County -- a community of half a million people -- doesn’t have a clear vision of where we’re headed! How can we gauge progress without a destination?

Imagine Sonoma County is the result of hours and hours of focused discussion between us. We are committed volunteers. We didn’t bother to start an organization or secure funding before launching this effort. We just jumped.

After getting feedback on a beta version of the website from a small group of invited reviewers, we are opening up the conversation to a wider and more diverse group of Sonoma County community members. This is a collaborative effort. Your participation is valuable and deeply appreciated!

We are a 100% volunteer effort and we welcome new participants.

You may view our working list of values here.

If you would like to start an "Imagine" project for your town/county/state, please contact us!