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Zero food waste (and zero organic matter sent to the landfill.) Surplus food is connected to people who need food, and spoiled food feeds livestock or combines with yard waste to create nutrient-dense compost that’s available (for free!) for use in home gardens and landscapes.

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Posted by Ann Elizabeth Shippey(Santa Rosa)

If there were a way for the grocery stores to every so often put out in the parking lot a time when residents could come by and pick up edible food that the store couldn't sell, I know a lot of that already goes to the food banks, but a lot still goes to waste. I wish every resident would only but what you need for that week or day, and not buy unless you can eat it! No more wasted food, and if necessary, into the compost bin!

Posted by Mark R Mortensen(Santa Rosa)

Let's get that local compost facility (Renewable Sonoma) online asap! Compost is currently trucked both north and south out of county. Here's a link to learn more about the proposed (and still in the permitting phase, I believe) facility.

Posted by Blue(Petaluma)

It would be very cool if there was a program for restaurants to legally donate excess food after hours and somehow have it distributed to shelters etc. Could team up with pre-existing food distributing organizations for people in need.

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