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An abundance of choices for reusable, compostable packaging. All stores will encourage and facilitate shopping without plastic.

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Posted by Ann Elizabeth Shippey(Santa Rosa)

I'd like to hear when are the grocery stores going to make an alternative to single use plastics, right now because if COVID, they HAVE to give out plastic bags! Maybe once COVID is behind us, we can use paper bags etc in the produce section, and outlaw clamshell containers.

Posted by Karey Kumli(Bodega Bay)

As recycling is outsourced overseas with a great energetic cost of transportation, and atmospheric pollution is not regulated on the high seas it crosses en route to a recycling facility, to my mind recycling is the new trash.

Reusables are key. Since the 70s I have taken my own bags to market. More recently, I bring my own containers for take-out, and my own eating utensils. This responsibility should rest with the individual, not the store.

Posted by Sunny Galbraith(Sebastopol)

Reusable is preferable to compostable. While compostable is certainly better that non-compostable/ non-recyclable, we should move in the direction of reusables.

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