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No new plastic products. Plastics pollute our air and water in perpetuity, and disposable plastics waste energy that would be better spent creating a durable item with many uses.

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Posted by Ann Elizabeth Shippey(Santa Rosa)

What about a ban on plastics all together? Isn't there a way the grocery stores could use brown paper bags instead of plastics? And how to get rid of those clam shell containers? Criminal to throw those in the land fill!! Is there legislation to force the big plastic companies to figure out bio-degradable plastics? What is Sonoma County doing about the plastic problem, any new bi-laws about grocery stores and their plastic use? I myself use totes to bring home my groceries, and cloth bags for produce.

Posted by Sunny Galbraith(Sebastopol)

Consider changing to no new "single-use" plastic products. There are plans in the works for piloting a reusable take-out container program for restaurants. Some reusable plastics could be used in place of single-use, greatly cutting down on the amount of plastic used and thrown away.

Posted by Edward Meisse(Santa Rosa)

I think that even reusables should not be made of plastic. I would rather see disposables of compostable paper or reusables made from long lasting traditional materials such as china or recyclable metals.

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