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The solid waste stream reduced to a trickle. We envision the disappearance of the grey landfill bin at our curbside waste pickup -- in favor of the green waste bin and blue recycling bin. People reduce, reuse, and recycle before disposing.

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Posted by Ann Elizabeth Shippey(Santa Rosa)

I believe in your zero-waste program--I myself am an avid recycler,everything goes in the proper places, but there are so many residents that don't seem to know how to be a clear recycler, meaning, really go through your gray bin and recycle everything that is possible to recycle....there a few things like Cat poo that can't be composted. is there any way they will let that go in the green can? I think we need education, to me zero waste is a no brainer, but so many people don't know to rinse out their plastics and recycle! As a resident if Santa Rosa, somehow these people need their memories refreshed on the right way to recycle!! Is there a way Recology could go door to door and educate people first hand? No one bothers with the hand-outs...

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