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A quieter world -- one that is free from the rumble and clamor of trucks, cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes, leaf blowers, brush chippers, etc.

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Posted by Barry Albert Bussewitz(Petaluma)

Please, for the love of God and life, stop all leaf blowers! Also strongly consider banning fossil-fuel driven dirt bikes, brush clippers, lawn equipment.

Posted by Edward Meisse(Santa Rosa)

Gas and electric powered leaf blowers and etc. are supposed to save time but I have often seen users of such devices take much longer to do the job than I used to before the things were invented and creating havoc while they're doing it. As for lawnmowers, lawns use too much water. Natural plants and vegetable gardens are the way to go.

Posted by judıth(Cotati)

an auditory part of the vision : ) ~~ one can not only hear more clearly not only the songs of the birds, but also even the beating of their wings

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