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A complete network of (intracity) bike lanes and bike paths that connects all the places people need to go (residential neighborhoods, downtown, schools, playing fields, libraries, parks, shopping areas, business zones, etc.) so that people of all ages and abilities can easily get around town without the need to own their own car.

And a complete network of (intercity) bike lanes and bike paths that connects our towns and cities to one another. These narrow paved roads will be used by commuters, recreational cyclists, people on vacation, and others.

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Posted by Lyla Thiele(Sebastopol)

I think we really need to push for a complete network of bike lanes and bike paths connecting our towns and cities especially between Sebastopol and Cotati because so many of our Sonoma Country residents have to rely on driving to get to neighboring cities because it is otherwise too dangerous to bike on fast roads.

Posted by Kevin Anderson(Santa Rosa)

Could add this cycling network will be well connected to train stations and bus stops for easy access to/from public transit.

Posted by Vincent Hoagland(Sasnta Rosa)

We need to push SMART to finish the path next to the railroad, especially between Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa so cyclists don't have to ride on roads with fast moving traffic.

Posted by Mark R Mortensen(Santa Rosa)

The county has a bike/ped plan.

Some actions have taken place, I believe funded through Measure M. The newly renewed version of Measure M, now called the Go Sonoma Plan ( includes some funding for additional paths. Unfortunately the pace is way to slow and the number of protected paths is insufficient. We must build the groundswell of support to make things happen at a rate befitting the emergency we are in.

Posted by Edward Meisse(Santa Rosa)

This needs to include equipping all mass transit with undercarriages for carrying large numbers of bicycles. We need to coordinate with other bay area communities to make sure it is universal throughout the area. Amtrak already does it.

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