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Streets for people. Before the automobile, traffic moved at a pedestrian pace. Streets were places where people walked, biked, encountered one another, even played and gathered. Imagine cars and trucks as guests on streets for people!

Streets for people are designed for active transportation, including heavily-used dedicated/protected bike paths, bike lanes, and bike streets.

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Posted by Barry Albert Bussewitz(Petaluma)

Close as many streets as possible to though traffic, starting downtown (Kentucky Street, Fourth Street, then Second Street, etc.) plus the blocks already designated as slow blocks now, but with better signage and barriers.

Posted by Kevin Anderson(Santa Rosa)

Could be nice to include something about intersection repair i.e. street murals, sidewalk benches, and neighborhood events/art. This might help people understand the potential of creating the places they want to be and the opportunity for their vision, input, and creativity.

Posted by Ben Solomon(Santa Rosa)

I think instead of having cars move at the speed of the people walking we should transform the entire downtown of cities into places where cars can't go. I'm envisioning something similar to how cities in Europe operate. If we transform our downtowns into a place entirely without cars people could hang out in the street without having to worry about a bad driver going too fast.

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