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An integrated public transit system that connects all the places people need to go (residential neighborhoods, downtown, schools, playing fields, libraries, parks, shopping areas, business zones, etc.) so that people of all ages and abilities can easily get around town without the need to own their own car.

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Posted by Laurie Rubin(Sebastopol)

Future public transit should welcome well-behaved pets with conscientious owners, so that those who travel with their dog don’t have to drive private automobiles.

Posted by Kevin Anderson(Santa Rosa)

Public transit stations including train and bus stops offer tons of potential for placemaking projects. Green roofs, flowers & trees, street vendors, and comfortable seating among many other fun ideas can all contribute to making transit stops places people want to be AND help all users of public transit feel like the heroes they truly are! And give each neighborhood the ability to design and build some of these features which will allow for ownership and pride as well as cultural relevancy.

Posted by Edward Meisse(Santa Rosa)

As I said in my comment to unit one of this section, towns ought to be set up to be inaccessible to automobiles except for emergency vehicles. For rural residents who need transport to a rail line, park and ride lots can be set up in strategic places around the county. For purposes of tourism, we need to coordinate with other communities throughout the bay area to connect SMART to BART and Amtrak.

Posted by Barbara Moulton(Santa Rosa)

We need to integrate the various transit agencies that operate within Sonoma County, so that it's seamless to transfer from one to another--eg from SMART to CityBus to Sonoma County Transit--all with the clipper card (or its successor); schedules and routes should coordinate. Jitneys should be considered; alternatives to fixed route buses should be considered.

Posted by Kevin Anderson(Santa Rosa)

Seamless Bay Area is trying to do just this throughout the entire Bay.

Super important that it's all synced up on one card and very user friendly.

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