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Ease of getting around without a car, within a system that is safe, comfortable, simple, efficient and available to all people regardless of socioeconomic status, race or ability.

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Posted by Barry Albert Bussewitz(Petaluma)

If we really want to reduce automobile proliferation, ped/bike pathways that parents feel comfortable enough with to let their children ride is essential. This means that critical routes must be protected from autos. (Striping is not protection.)

Posted by Lila Gamble(Windsor)

I would suggest using words like accessibility to frame this solution, by making the roads of the city more accessible without cars, it adds to the appeal of the city. Also when digging deeper into this issue, argue that investing in this solution would mean less pollution, but also less vehicle traffic if more alternative modes of transportation are offered and accessible to the whole population.

Posted by Dr. Dan Levitis(Boyes)

My wife and I lived happily without cars while out of California, and in other parts of California. Now, living in Sonoma, we have no good options beyond cars. Biking should be safe and easy. Sidewalks should be ubiquitous. Some streets and blocks should be closed to auto through-traffic. Transit should be frequent and convenient. Other places have moved away from a car culture, we can do so also.

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