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Sonoma County Transit increases its bus frequency to 30 minutes for commuter routes, which results in increase ridership and reduces single-occupancy vehicle numbers on county roads.

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Posted by Edward Meisse(Santa Rosa)

Longer transport hours are a good idea too. These days people need to go to and from work 24 hours a day not to mention that they also want to have fun on their off hours.

Posted by Karey Kumli(Bodega Bay)

Bus size should scale to average ridership. Wasteful to haul around the weight of a 30-passenger bus when maximum ridership is 15 people. Larger busses, or more frequent busses, at peak times.

Posted by Mark R Mortensen(Santa Rosa)

I don't think thirty minutes will get the job done. Getting frequency to every fifteen to twenty minutes during peak hours is essential to increasing ridership, as supported in this paper. There are a number of other factors as shown in this blog entry from a transit analyst.

The linked entry is comprehensive and hits on many of the aspects of bus transit listed here on

Posted by Steve Birdlebough(Santa Rosa)

30-minute headways should be a minimum for all bus routes in the County; in more populated parts of cities and towns, 7-10 minute headways are more likely to attract riders.

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