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Santa Rosa transforms several of its larger avenues to reduce lanes dedicated to cars and emphasize active transportation modes such as bicycling and walking. Local residents support the changes. Bicycle commuting increases six-fold in the neighborhood. New public gardens and park spaces in the median strips give neighbors opportunities to interact and lead to a stronger sense of community.

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Posted by Mark R Mortensen(Santa Rosa)

Deciding best roads to "put on a diet" can be determined from data on usage. Smart devices on signals can also measure and differentiate motorized vehicle usage of roads. Bike and ped counting programs can monitor the increase (hopefully) in active transport as well.

Posted by Michael Lipelt(Santa Rosa)

I like the proposal for greening and creating separated bike paths from existing 4 lane roads. I think a big piece of safe biking/pedestrian/rooling pathways is the change of "bike culture" with infrastructure change to include strategic routes that connect to downtown and bus/smart train hubs plus more bike security stands. Also signage to designate safe bike paths. This may include an app map of safe routes. Another big piece is to reduce speed limits within city limits (NACTO/Safe speeds). Many US cities have already done this (Denver, Minneapolis, Portland plus)

Posted by Sara Jones(Santa Rosa)

Imagine safe continuous routes to SRJC so students from all of Santa Rosa can get to campus on Bicycles. These route will make it safe, convenient, affordable, Possible for students from marginalized communities to pursue their education.

Imagine an increase in eBikes used to get to work and school. Safe parking provided. No more students waiting for parking in lots.

Imagine students living on campus, working and shopping nearby using their bikes for transportation.

Davis, Santa Barbara, and Santa Monica have made this happen. We can too.

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