Sketches to inspire us to action

When we hear about policies to solve climate change, sometimes our minds automatically think of the things we might lose. It can be harder to imagine the wonderful new things we might gain. Images and artwork can help spur the imagination. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We believe that our community will be more supportive of climate solutions if people can see glimpses of the better future they are working towards. This can come in the form of sketches, animations, or photographs from places where changes have already been implemented. People can rally around something more easily when they can see it, so the idea is to use animations and artwork to bring the vision to life.

Here's how to sketch with us!

  1. Get inspired. Click on any of the categories below to get inspired by sketches that other people have created.
  2. Start sketching. Try making some sketches of your own to bring the future to life. Think of something that's part of your daily life -- a street, farm, house, restaurant, food, or vehicle, whatever -- and imagine how it could look in the year 2030 when we have eliminated greenhouse gas emissions. We recommend starting with an image of what that place or thing looks like today (either a physical image or at least an image in your mind) and use that as a "base layer" to build upon.
  3. Use what works for you. You can use whatever medium you are comfortable with to make a sketch-- it can be as simple as a pencil and paper. If you are interested in trying digital sketching, here are some FREE digital sketch tools that are pretty simple for beginners:

    • Paintbrush. A simple drawing program for Mac.
    • Pencil2D. An open source animation program for Mac/Windows/Linux.
    • Linea Sketch. A drawing app for iPad.
    • Online you can find many lists of the best free drawing programs.
  4. Share your sketch. You can either upload it using the comment feature at the bottom of every sketch page on this website -- or you can email us.

Click on a category to get started

"The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before."

-- Neil Gaiman